Beyond the Grand Staircase Rope

The full splendor of the Frick mansion has yet to be experienced by the public. We wish to open more of the historic house to visitors by providing public access to a portion of the mansion’s second floor.

Since the museum opened in 1935, nearly every visitor has stood at the bottom of the magnificent marble staircase, gazing past the rope and imagining what lies beyond. We envision a plan that will enable the public to experience the more intimate scale of the Gilded Age mansion’s second floor, and gain a greater sense of how the Frick family lived there.

These small-scale spaces, which once served as the Frick family’s private quarters, are especially well-suited for the display of sculpture, decorative arts, drawings, and cabinet pictures from the permanent collection. Many of these works have not been regularly on view owing to space limitations or issues of scale. They will be seen to the best advantage on the second floor in the newly opened galleries.

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