Q: Why does The Frick Collection need to expand?

The Frick has not undergone a comprehensive upgrade in more than eighty years, although its collections, attendance, and public programs have grown significantly over the past decades. Many of the Frick’s critical functions—from the presentation, care, and conservation of its collections, to education programs and basic visitor services—are constrained and have been retrofitted into spaces in the former residence and adjacent library building. The upgrade and expansion of the Frick will address critical institutional and programmatic needs to ensure the long-term vitality and vibrancy of the institution.

Q: What does the expansion encompass?

Designed by Selldorf Architects in close collaboration with the Frick, the project includes the creation of new resources for the Frick’s collection, exhibitions, and public and educational programs, including new gallery spaces, the institution’s first purpose-built education center, a new auditorium, and new state-of-the-art conservation facilities. The project upgrades visitor amenities and ADA-accessibility throughout the Frick and will provide unprecedented public access to the original residence, allowing visitors for the first time to enjoy the second floor of the home. The project also encompasses important upgrades to the Frick’s infrastructure.

Q: What will happen to the 70th Street Garden?

The Frick is not building on top of the 70th Street Garden but will be restoring it in keeping with Russell Page’s original design intent.

Q: Where are you finding space for the new facilities?

A central aspect of Selldorf Architect’s design is to recapture existing space in order to minimize new construction. We are repurposing nearly 60,000 square feet as part of this project, transforming basement and administrative spaces, as well as the service yard behind the library, into areas for education, exhibitions, and programming. This includes the creation of a formal passageway that unites the Frick’s collection and library for the first time, as well as a purpose-built auditorium that will be created mostly by transforming existing basement spaces currently being used for storage. Approximately 27,000 square feet of new construction is being added as part of this project.

Q: What is the expected project timeline?

The project is currently slated to break ground in 2020.

Q: I’d like to find out more about the Frick’s plan for the expansion and upgrade of its facilities.

In addition to the information available on this website (frickfuture.org), the Frick will conduct open house presentations on the project. All are welcome to attend. For more information, please contact Liz Daly at frickfuture@frick.org